Early Touch: From Neural Coding to Haptic Space Geometry

CNS*2013 Paris Workshop, July 17

Presentation: 40 min - Discussion: 5 min.


9:00    Sliman Bensmaïa
           Spatial and temporal codes mediate the tactile perception of natural textures
9:45    Angelo Arleo
           Early processing and coding of fine touch percepts

10:30   Coffee break

11:00   Junji Watanabe
            Time and motion in touch - psychophysical approach
11:45   Jan Koenderink
            Assemblage and Icon in Perception and Art

12:30   Lunch break

13:30   Elie Wandersman
            Fine texture discrimination : a biomimetic approach
14:15   Masahi Nakatani
            Tactile geometric perception explained by contact mechanics
15:00   Vincent Hayward
            How the mechanical properties of the fingertip may impact the tactile sensory function

15:45   Coffee break

16:15   Tony Prescott
            Does tactile attention make us of salience maps?
16:45   Ehud Ahissar
            Motor-sensory contingencies and morphological coding of objects